7 Things to Know About the Influencer

Courtesy of Megan Pormer

She does it all! International model and biomedical engineer Megan Pormer launched a talk show on Fox LA in 2019, with the goal to share the stories of all types of people – celebrities, social media stars and even doctors. She has taken advantage of her wide and devoted following on social media (5.2 million Instagram users!), and has partnered with some impressive brands, such as Timberland and Revlon.

The 30-year-old talk show host has also walked in New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, Toronto Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. She even received The Fashionist Award at the American Influencer Awards by Tyra Banks. Her acceptance speech went viral, where she focused on the merging of technology and fashion. She also most recently was selected to be the official ambassador for the 2021 Hollywood Beauty Awards.

Keep scrolling to find out more about Pormer — from her biggest inspiration to the advice she gives to others trying to achieve the same success:

Us: What’s your secret to your success in growing followers?

Megan Pormer: I’m passionate about people. I enjoy sharing my emotions with others and openly talking about what I think has helped me heal in my life which can help other women. I started talking about the emotions and fears that I have personally experienced in my life and that really resonated with people.

Us: Was there a pivotal moment in your life that really helped grow your followers?

MP: Yes – my talk show on Fox LA. I enjoy new technologies, products and health and wellness advancements that can help me live a more joyful life and keep my mind and body healthy and happy. I’m good at identifying talented people and products that can elevate people’s lifestyles and I thought whatever helps and inspires me, should be shared with others because what improves my life may also improve somebody else’s life.

Us: What’s the best advice you can give on becoming an influencer?

MP: Find your passion that gives you joy and share that with your followers.

Us: What are three fun facts about you that no one knows?

MP: I’m scared to be alone, I eat A LOT of food. I’m at my most comfortable when I’m in a WARM place because I’m always freezing.

Us: What (if any) celebrity has reached out to you to try to collab and/or said they were a fan? What was that conversation like?

MP: I recently received the below DM from a female celebrity that I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid:

Hey Megan,

I listened to your latest talk on trauma healing. Your openness and your bravery about your personal healing journey has truly inspired me. I would love to join you in your talk show to share my journey of healing which can resonate with a lot of women around the world.

My response was : Ohhhhhh Myyyyy Godddd and then YAYYYY 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Us: Who (celebrity-wise) is your biggest inspiration? Whose account do you follow the most and what do you love about him/her?

MP: Dr. Shefali Tsabary … She is an awakened woman who is also a clinical psychologist. She is the most incredible wisdom teacher a woman can dream of. Her book Radical Awakening has completely transformed my life. I also follow and listen to Echkart Tolle because his book, The Power Of Now, was the first time that I saw glimpses of magic.

Us: What’s your goal? What are you hoping to accomplish and/or spread the word about?

MP: I want to touch hearts, make people feel. I want to share my platforms in the media to raise awareness about people, tools and products that can help people have a more joyful lifestyle and become the most authentic version of themselves. I hurt to watch people go through life flat and emotion-less. I want to make people feel.

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